Testing of ceramics, abrasives and refractories

The brittleness of ceramic materials and the presence of aggregates are not obstacles for the elastic modulus measurement by Sonelastic® Systems. It does not apply static loads to perform the characterization of the elastic moduli, only small amplitude impulse excitation and vibration.

Specimens of refractories and technical ceramics
Specimens of refractories and technical ceramics ready for testing by Sonelastic® Systems.

Sonelastic® relies on the Impulse Excitation Technique for accurate and non-destructive characterization of elastic moduli (E, G and Poisson ratio) and damping of materials in accordance with the ASTM E1876, C1259 and C1548 standards. The characterization of both damping and elastic moduli reveals information about the presence and evolution of cracks, micro-cracks and defects in the material, as well as phase transformations.

Ceramic specimen on the SB-AP support
Ceramic specimen on the SB-AP support for small samples with accessories.


Sonelastic® Systems have a wide range of applications for ceramic and refractory materials:
- Design and monitoring of firing cycle.
- Quality control of post-firing.
- Detection of cracks, micro-cracks and delamination.
- Study of oxidation, corrosion and cooking process.
- Thermal shock damage assessment.
- Finite element modeling refinement.

Sonelastic® Systems are suitable for testing:

Sonelastic® Catalog

Sonelastic® Catalog

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