Introducing Sonelastic®

Sonelastic® Systems are test instruments based on the Impulse Excitation Technique for the accurate and non-destructive characterization of elastic moduli (E, G and Poisson ratio) and damping of materials.

Sonelastic® Systems
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Sonelastic® systems are also applied to perform quality control of parts, components and materials via acoustic signature, which changes with the presence of cracks, pores and deviations of mechanical properties.

Sonelastic® Systems applications.


Sonelastic® Systems are in accordance with the ASTM E1876, C1259, C215, C1548 and correlated standards, being suitable for the characterization of a wide range of materials.


Abrasives and grindstone Biomaterials and polimers
Caramics and refractories Composites and woods
Concretes and cementitious Matlas ans alloys
Main Sonelastic® Systems applications.

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Sonelastic® System for medium specimens
Sonelastic® System for large specimens
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