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We are the Sonelastic® division of ATCP Physical Engineering, created to provide advanced solutions for the non-destructive characterization of materials using the Impulse Excitation Technique.

ATCP Physical Engineering

ATCP Physical Engineering

ATCP Physical Engineering is an active worldwide company specialized in test instruments based on frequency analysis for materials characterization, acoustic resonance inspection and power ultrasonics. Our strength lies on the ability to integrate applied physics with electronics, computing and mechanics, supported by an experienced, skilled and highly motivated team.

Mission: Develop, manufacture and commercialize test instruments to facilitate our customers' activities and provide a high return on our clients' investment, ensuring value creation and business growth.

Vision: Becoming a global benchmark of excellence in test instruments based on frequency analysis for power ultrasonics, material characterization and acoustic resonance inspection.

Values: Creativity, quality and focus on customer needs.

ATCP Physical Engineering is a spin-off of the Federal University of São Carlos (Brazil) founded on July 16, 2000.

CEO and co-founder

Antônio Henrique Alves Pereira

ATCP is run by the co-founder Henrique Alves, who is responsible for daily operations, leading new products development and strategic planning. Alves has a PhD in Material Science and Engineering (UFSCar, 2012), a bachelor's degree in Physics (UFSCar, 2002) and a technician’s degree in Electronics (CETEV, 1997). In addition, the physicist has experience in Instrumentation, Power Ultrasonics and Physical Engineering. Alves was granted four patents for his inventions and developed four software.

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