Testing of biomaterials and polymers

Sonelastic® Systems are an advanced and non-destructive solution with excellent cost-benefit ratio for elastic moduli and damping characterization of biomaterials and polymers. It characterize the dynamic elastic moduli (Young's Modulus, shear modulus and Poisson's ratio) and damping simultaneously.

Specimens of biomaterials
Specimens of biomaterials ready to be tested by Sonelastic® Systems.

The Sonelastic® Systems employ the Impulse Excitation Technique in accordance with ASTM E1876 and provides highly accurate and reproducible results. The elastic moduli and damping characterization reveals information about the microstructure, presence and evolution of cracks, microcracks and defects in the material, as well as on phase transformations, curing and drying processes. Additionally, elastic moduli characterization contributes to increase the accuracy of finite element analyses (FEA).

Many materials that are difficult to characterize by conventional mechanical tests are easily characterized using the Impulse Excitation Technique with Sonelastic® Systems.
Many materials that are difficult to characterize by conventional mechanical tests are easily characterized using the Impulse Excitation Technique with Sonelastic® Systems. In the image above, porous titanium specimens (scaffold) and an expanded polystyrene foam (EPS / Styrofoam) specimen


Sonelastic® Systems have a wide range of applications for biomaterials and polymers:
  • Characterization of the dynamic elastic moduli to refine finite element analyses (FEA/FEM).
  • Study of degradation by weathering.
  • Evaluation of thermochemical treatments.
  • Study of temperature and mineral fillers influence on mechanical properties.
  • Defects detection.
  • Monitoring of curing and drying processes.
  • Quality control.
Finite element modeling
Restored root canals finite element analysis (FEA) refined with elastic moduli measurements performed using a Sonelastic® System [Image adapted from Diana H.H. et al. Brazilian Dental Journal (2016) 27 (2): 223-227].

Sonelastic® Systems application examples related to biomaterials and polymers

Department of Materials Engineering (DEMa) – UFSCar
Department of Materials Engineering (DEMa) – UFSCar

Application: Pesquisa e desenvolvimento de biomateriais metálicos, incluindo metais porosos (scaffolds).
Contact persons: Prof. Dr. Conrado R. M. Afonso e Prof. Dr. Claudemiro Bolfarini.

Polytechnic University of Valencia, Higher Technical School of Industrial Engineering
Polytechnic University of Valencia, Higher Technical School of Industrial Engineering

Application: R&D of metallic biomaterials produced by powder metallurgy.
Contact person: Prof. Dr. Vicente Amigó Borrás.

MARELLI Electronic Systems and Powertrain – Indaiatuba
MARELLI Electronic Systems and Powertrain – Indaiatuba

Application: Characterization of advanced polymers for finite element analysis (FEA) and optimization of automotive components and systems.
Contact: Eng. Fernando Luiz Windlin.

Ribeirão Preto School of Dentistry - FORP/USP
Ribeirão Preto School of Dentistry - FORP/USP

Application: Characterization of two modules of elasticity of biomaterials for simulations of distribution of mechanical stresses in dental prostheses.
Contact person: Prof. Dr. Ricardo F. Ribeiro.

São José dos Campos School of Dentistry - FOSJC/UNESP
São José dos Campos School of Dentistry - FOSJC/UNESP

Application: Characterization of two modules of elasticity of biomaterials for the refinement of simulations and analyzes by the finite element method.
Contact person: Prof. Dr. Alexandre Luiz Souto Borges.

Anelasticity and Biomaterials Laboratory - DF/UNESP Bauru
Anelasticity and Biomaterials Laboratory - DF/UNESP Bauru

Application: R&D of titanium alloys for prosthetics and biomedical applications.
Contact person: Prof. Dr. Carlos Roberto Grandini.

LaMaV - Vitreous Materials Laboratory DEMA/UFSCar
LaMaV - Vitreous Materials Laboratory DEMA/UFSCar

Application: Characterization of two elastic moduli of glass-ceramics and bioglasses.
Contact persons: Prof. Dr. Oscar Peitl e Prof. Dr. Edgar Dutra Zanotto.

Examples of publications related to biomaterials and polymers that used Sonelastic® Systems

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